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One day in Liwan District

Liwan District is a historic city that was just outside of the old Canton or Guangzhou. Liwan kept most of it historic charm and embedded modern design and businesses into the area. Making it a perfect place for strolling around.
Apart from many places to drink and eat, Liwan district is also home to many smaller galleries and museums. For culture and food lovers, everything can be found on a day of strolling through Liwan district Guangzhou.

Historic Liwan Distric

Main Attractions

Between beautiful Liwan Lake and Shamian Island in the south lays Liwan district with the heart piece Yongqing Fang. You can walk through this area and explore beautiful alleys and buildings for surely more than just 2-3 days, so we listed the most important sites for you.

Yongqing Fang

Yongqing Fang is an historic area of Guangzhou that has been restored and is now home to many small pedestrian streets, modern and old businesses as well as just a great pace to walk through

Cantonese Opera Museum

This open air museum is dedicated to Cantonese Opera one of the many cultural heritages of Guangzhou China. It is also a stunningly beautiful place to visit on a sunny day.


Liwan Lake Park

This huge park is home to the Liwan lake surrounded by many recreational and greenery areas. This calming park is 100% worth a visit.

Shamian Island

Shamian Island was home to the French and English traders and they built their factories and offices in stunning architecture.


Recommend route for your old town Guangzhou itinerary:

Start and End Metro Station: Zhongshanba (line 5) / Huangsha (line 6 and 1)

Start and end point can be interchanged, and route done backwards or forwards. You can either walk it or visit Getyourguide for a bike tour with more insights.

Starting from metro station Zhongshanba, exit a, you can walk to the Liwan lake park and have a long and relaxing stroll through it. You might as well bought your breakfast on the road or near your place, taken it to the park and enjoy it there next to the lake, below a tree.

Exiting the park to the south, you can walk direction the Xiguan Mansion and make sure that you take your time and relax. You start entering an area that is home to many small stores and cafes.

Walking further south you will find the Cantonese Opera Museum as well as Bruce Lee’s Ancestral Home close to each other. On the way and around the whole area you should by now have found endless food stalls and street vendors. Lunch should be sorted of and should be sorted of for the last stretch to Shamian.

We recommend you take one of the shared bikes to Shamian or a cab if you are tired already. From Yongqing Fang (the area around the museum, where you at now) to Shamian is around 1.5km.

After you reached Shamian, you can have a stroll through colonial architecture, and if it gets dark already, you can enjoy the sunset and the beauty of Shamian at night. Next to Shamian you can also find the Customs museum inside a stunning old building as well as the Cultural Park. Both are worth a visit, if you still have energy left.

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Liwan Guangzhou Itinerary Map


The area is home to many small restaurants, streetfood or small food vendors. We are trying to list as many of those that we liked, but you can follow your nose and taste yourself through Liwan district

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Where to eat in Liwan, Guangzhou?

Restaurants in Liwan District

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