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Tianhe is the large and central district of Guangzhou, and in this guide we focus on the area around Sports West Road and Zhujiang New Town. If you are on a weekend visit or on a layover in Guangzhou, these areas are a must see.
Easy reachable from Baiyun Airport via metro, this areas are the home of modern Guangzhou and home to many local and international restaurants, major attractions and a place for shopping in Guangzhou China.

Modern Tianhe

Main Attractions

The modern core of Guangzhou. Stretching from the Tianhe Sports Center southwards  through Zhujiang New Town and Huacheng Square, until you reach the Pearl River. Explore many sites on your way.

Tianhe Sports Center

TIanhe Sports Center is a complex that offers areas and venues for all kinds of activities. From Football to running, from music events to shopping in Guangzhou.

Tiyu Xilu

Home to the, if not most beautiful malls in Guangzhou. The whole area comes with many relax, food and shopping options. From huge malls, to local areas with cafe and boutique stores.

zhujiang new town

Huacheng Square

Huacheng Square in Guangzhou is the heart of Zhujiang New Town. This park stretches through the area and connects all major attractions. You also enjoy a great view on the Canton Tower.

Guangdong Museum

Guangdong Museum is the main museum in Guangzhou. This huge building is located in Zhujiang New Town and hosts many artifacts and art pieces.

Zhujiang New Town

Home to the previous mentioned attractions, Zhujiang New Town in Guangzhou is much more. The bustling heart of modern Guangzhou offers everything you need.


Recommend route for your Tianhe Guangzhou itinerary:

Start and End Metro Station: Tiyu Xilu (line 1 & 3) / Zhujiang New Town (line 3 and 5)

start and end point can be interchanged, and route done backwards or forwards. You can either walk it or visit Getyourguide for a tour with more insights.

The two main areas are the area around Tiyu Xilu and Huacheng Square. You can also split this route in two days, depending on your pace.

We start from the south with the Huacheng Square, exactly with a Visit to the Guangdong Museum, a huge museum right at the Park. After that, just on the other site of Huacheng Square is the Opera House, which is worth a visit. From there you can go northwards and have a rest in K11 or GT Plaza, drink a coffee and enjoy the modern architecture either of them offer. You can also choose to have lunch in one of these two modern malls. Or you can have a quick stroll into neighboring Zhujiang New Town.

After Lunch you can move northwards direction Tiyu Xilu through the old neighbourhood with many boutiques, food stalls and cafes, walking through small alleys and palm trees, before you reach the 3 big Malls in Tiyu Xilu. These Malls are the main shopping area in Guangzhou and worth a visit even if you are not interested in Shopping in Guangzhou China.

Apart from major brand stores, you can find many restaurants, including dim sum restaurants there.

Last but not least is Tianhe Sports Center, which offers not only the option for ending the day with a round of bowling or other activities, you can also find an underground plaza with many small shops and more importantly historical decoration and wax figures. Fashion Tianhe Plaza is definetly worth a visit.

At night you can choose one of the many bars and restaurants on top of the skyscrapers and mall around Tiyu Xilu or Zhujiang New Town.

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Tianhe Guangzhou Itinerary Map


Apart from modern architectural highlights, international and local cuisine is one of the highlights in Tianhe Guangzhou. We recommend to try the restaurants below, or ask us if you look for something specific.

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Where to eat in Tianhe Guangzhou?

Restaurants in Tianhe District

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