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One day in Old Canton China

Yuexiu district covers most of what was once old Canton, the old-town of Guangzhou China. As cities used to be smaller in the past, walking through the old streets and gardens can fill a one-day visit to Guangzhou and even half a week.
To make your Guangzhou layover easier, we listed the main attractions in the old part of Guangzhou and even prepare a list of restaurants and food stall, which will get constantly updated.

Old Canton China

Main Attractions

Between Yuexiu Park to the north and Pearl River to south stretches the historical city of Guangzhou with many cultural relicts and memories from the past.

Beijing Road

Beijing Road Pedestrian Street is the name of a historical shopping street going straight through Old-Town Guangzhou.

Yuexiu Park

This mountain park right in the heart of Guangzhou, in the northern part of the old Guangzhou center, is home to many historical sites.

Temple of Six Banyan Trees

This ancient Buddhist temple has origins back to 537 AD and lies just within the old city walls of old Canton.

yuexiu park

Da Fo Budhist Temple

This huge and stunning temple lays in the center of old canton China and is located right in between modern shopping streets.

Nanyue Kingdom Palace

This temple from the Nanyue kingdom is one of the major archeological sites in Guangzhou and offers many artifacts of the past.

Chen Clan Academy

The Chen Clan was a influential Clan in Guangzhou and this museum offers insights on the rich historical craftmanship.

Peoples Park

Peoples Park is a large recreational Space near Beijing Road in Guangzhou. Apart from greenery it is also home to Government Buildings.


Recommend route for your old town Guangzhou itinerary:

Start and End Metro Station: Beijing Road (line 6)

start and end point can be interchanged, and route done backwards or forwards. You can either walk it or visit Cycle Canton for a bike tour with more insights.

Beginning from the south, you can start at either Haizhu Square station or Beijing road station and progress your way up north. In case you start your old Guangzhou tour in the morning, walking from these two stations northwards direction Beijing road pedestrian street, will come with many food stall and Cafe’s on the side of the road. You can target Da Fo temple as your first stop as it is very close to the Beijing road pedestrian street.

From there you can walk a circle going through the small old-town alleys direction Gongyuanqian station. On the other side if the large road “Zhongshan road” lays peoples park, which you can first pass bye and stroll westwards direction the big crossing, which will you will cross.

If you continue to walk further a bit, you will come to South Sea Community, which is worth a stroll through direction north. It will also lead you to the temple of the six banyan trees.

From the temple direction east, you will find the Peoples Park again, which you can now explore and eastwards of the park you can reach the governmental buildings of Guangzhou and come back to the last bit of Pedestrian street.

A bit down the road lays the Nanyue kingdom museum, which is worth a visit. After that you walked or biked a lot and saw most parts of the old-town. So now you can walk back through the station via Beijing road

Below on the map you can find the route as well as some attractions we left out.

VPN on for Map

Old Canton China Itinerary Map


Apart from architectural highlights, Cantonese cuisine is one of the cultural highlights in Guangzhou. We recommend to try the restaurants below but also following snacks and dishes

  • Chang Fen
  • Double Skin Milk Pudding
  • Herbal Tea (Leung Cha)
  • Beef Chow Fun
  • Cha siu bao
  • Rice Congee

    Where to eat in Old Guangzhou?

    Restaurants in Yuexiu District

    cafe guangzhou

    Tiff Cafe

    Tiff Cafe call itself a vintage space in Guangzhou and their interior speaks for itself. Their cakes are unique, tasty and worth trying.

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