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If you are new to Guangzhou and maybe even new to China, you probably have more than just one question on your mind. Below you can find a few concerns and questions about visiting and living in Guangzhou. Let us know if there is anything we should add.


Guangzhou has a extremely well build metro network which is very convenient to use. Tickets ca be bought on machines or Alipay.

Outside the metro hours you can use DiDi ride haul or shared bicycles. Hello Bike can be opened via Alipay as well.


Guangzhou has tropical climate with very humid and warm summers. Rainy seasons is from spring to summer, which can bring heavy rains.

Best time to visit Guangzhou is November and December. Temperatures are around 20-25 degrees and rain is few.


For Navigation we recommend to use “Amap”, which works much better than Google Maps in China.

For Payment Alipay or WeChat Pay.

For getting around Alipay again as it includes “Hello Bike” which can be used to open the blue and white shared bikes.

Also DiDi which can be used for ride hauling and to open the green and white bikes.

Last but not least MeiTuan on which you can purchase takeout and tickets for almost everything.


Compared with other cities in China, Guangzhou is not as cheap. You might need to spend more than 300rmb to find a hotel that is ok enough. We recommend to first check your usual app and later book through chinese apps like Meituan as they are usually a bit cheaper.

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