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A week is usually enough to explore a new city, but Guangzhou offers attractions that could keep you entertained for years. For a balanced holiday, mix your activities: spend one day in Zhujiang New Town and Canton Tower, another in the Old Town, and a third in the Liwan district. That leaves one day for rest and three days to enjoy nature.

There are three main areas near the city center with beautiful natural sites: Baiyun and Huadu districts to the northwest, Huangpu district to the north and west, and Panyu and Nansha districts to the south. However each district in Guangzhou has at least one large park or garden, with the South China Botanical Garden being one of the most beautiful So you do not necessary need to take the metro outside the city for one hour.

Baiyun and Huadu come with the Baiyun mountain range, including the popular Baiyun Mountain as the main attraction. Liupian Mountain, further north, can be reached by either metro plus a short cab ride or via a 20 km hike from Baiyun Mountain throuh the whole range. You can just hike short sections, but will be rewarded with a cold, swimmable lake if you make it to Liupian Mountain.

Huangpu and North of Tianhe offer multiple scenic hiking routes on and nearby Niutou Mountain. You can also find beautiful mountain roads connecting the mountains with forests and water reservoirs like the Shuisheng Reservoir. Hiking groups and route maps are available on popular apps. As well as many bicycle routes on Strava. For a more relaxing time, try the South China Botanical Garden.

Panyu and Nansha in the south of Guangzhou are more relaxed on the legs as the area is mostly flat. You can find several small oasis near the water and many small rivers. Changzhou Island the first but Hai’Oudao Wetland Park and Dafushan Park are worth a visit with the family as well. Further south you can find Nansha Temple of the Queen of Heaven a park including a massive Temple worth visting.

Liwan, Haizhu and Tianhe the city center of Guangzhou has a lot to offer as well. Liwan Park must be included in a Liwan Tour and the Haizhu Wetland Park is a beautiful destination as well. Except on a Sunday, when it is crowded. Tianhe comes with several mountains in the north, which are closer, but not as beautiful. However there is still a lot of riverside which is close by and beautiful especially at night.

Here’s a possible one-week itinerary for Guangzhou:

  • Day 1: Canton Tower and Zhujiang New Town
  • Day 2: South China Botanical Garden (half-day)
  • Day 3: Beijing Road Cultural District
  • Day 4: Rest
  • Day 5: Baiyun Mountain (plus Liupian Mountain) (half or whole day)
  • Day 6: Liwan District and Liwan Park
  • Day 7: Hiking in Huangpu or a visit to Changzhou Island (half or whole day)

Mountains & Lakes

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Baiyun Mountain Range

Baiyun Mountain range stretches from the iconic Baiyun mountain in the south northwards. You can hike from the south through the whole range up northwards while cooling down in several small mountain lakes.


Shuisheng Reservoir

Again in Huangpu district, in between the many mountains lies Shuisheng Reservoir, an place ideal for a bike tour or a small hike. The whole area is home to many beautiful mountain roads.


Niutou Mountain

East in Huangpu district is where the wild hiking takes place. Many small mountains covered in subtropical forest. Various hiking trails marked with small fabric knots on breaches. Niutou Mountain just being one of them.


Changzhou Island

Changzhou Island lies just next to the University Megacity and is a beautiful place for a trip into the nature. Not far away from Pazhou, you can enjoy peaceful times there.

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Parks & Gardens

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Liwan Lake Park

Liwan is not only a place for culture and historical architecture. Liwan Lake Park is one of the most beautiful parks in Guangzhou for a stroll at day or night-time.


Langtou Ancient Town

This historical village in the north of Guangzhou, not far from Baiyun Airport, is located next to beautiful nature and contains stunning old and modern architecture.


Haizhu Wetland Park

Massive Park in the heart of Haizhu district, which is worth a walk through on a sunny day. The Haizhu Wetland park is home to many gardens, waterways and nature.



In between days of beautiful hiking in Guangzhou, below are one-day itineraries to the most famous areas, which are definitely worth a visit. At the end 7 days in subtropical mountains would surely not be the most relaxing holiday.

Yuexiu District

Our one-day itinerary for Yuexiu district or the old town of Gunagzhou China

Liwan District

Liwan a well restored historical part of Guangzhou home to many sites.

Tianhe District

Modern Guangzhou with most of the main attractions and best restaurants.

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