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At the beginning it started with Indian and Arab traders, later Europeans and now the whole world trades goods from Guangzhou and it surrounding factories. Guangzhou is the perfect place to start and do business. Find suppliers on the canton fair or wholesale markets. Use the good infrastructure to run e-commerce businesses and meet business people from around the world.

Experience Endless Business Opportunities!

Wholesale markets

Guangzhou and the pearl river delta wouldn’t be the center of global trade if there were no wholesale markets all around the city. From garments and clothes, to chemicals and electronic wholesale markets. Visit these building to source your new product and negotiate terms directly with the producer or trading company.

Co-Working Offices

Not everyone wants to sit in Starbucks all day to work, especially if you are working with a small team on a project. As in most cities, there are several co-working offices in Guangzhou throughout the city. From small tables that can be rented for a few RMB per day, up to large offices with conference rooms, suitable for every kind of business meeting in Guangzhou.

Visiting the Canton Fair or visiting Guangzhou on a business trip? There are endless places to explore new goods and meet with business partners and suppliers. Guangzhou markets and office areas are convenient located throughout the city and can be reached easy by taxi or metro.

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