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Cantonese cultural heritage is huge. From opera to paintings and trade history. Not only to be found in museum but all over the city. And as a metropolis Guangzhou does not stop culture options in the past. Modern art and architecture in Guangzhou are stunning as well.

Walk on the path of Old Canton China!


From the Guangdong Art museum to small art galleries. Guangzhou has many small and large museum or mausoleum al over the city.

Live Music

Large events by world-stars, chinese opera classics or punk rock concerts. You can find anything you want in Guangzhou.

sd livehouse guangzhou

SD Livehouse

SD Livehouse is a medium sized concert venue in Guangzhou China that often hosts alternative music festivals, Punk and Indie Music.

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Historical streets around Beijing Road, ancient city walls and old temples. Guangzhou has thousands of years with rich history to offer and explore. But it does not stop in the past. Modern architecture in Guangzhou has anything to offer.

dafo temple

Dafo Temple (大佛寺)

Dafo Temple or 大佛寺 in Chinese is a Buddhist temple located right in the heart of beijing road culutural zone, the old canton town China.

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From classic chinese art up to modern small art galleries in Guangzhou. There are many hot-spots for the art scene in Guangzhou where you can find and talk to artists and go through their works.

If you go through the Wikipedia article of Guangzhou you will be amazed about the long history this city has to offer. If you then walk through Guangzhou old town, you will feel and see this rich history.

Guangzhou has been a rich trading city for such a long time that it could maintain its history well and even dig up archaeological highlights from time to time. Walk with us through old canton China and its surrounding historical sites and villages. Visit several large and small museum and galleries where you can learn from the rich History but also learn about modern Chinese culture.

Learn about the mix of religions in Guangzhou and see Mosques, churches and of course temples.

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