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Sport is important for many of us and even while traveling to Guangzhou China, some do not want to miss on an sweety activity. Maybe just to keep fit or to socialize. You can find ultimate Frisbee, dragon boat and climbing groups. And surely a lot of nice running routes. Not to mention the amount of Gyms located throughout Guangzhou.

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Places for Running

Running around your Hotel might not always be the best option, especially as inner city places can get crowded and electric scooter cause the need to be constantly attentive. Luckily Guangzhou offers a lot of greenspaces and running pathways. Generally I would say that the Guangzhou government emphasizes outdoor sport activities which is why you can find running routes all around the river, the endless parks and even past small rivers in outskirt neighbourhoods.

Places for Biking

Biking in Guangzhou is more on the challenging side as the roads inner city are filled with electric scooters and taxis. Also some roads are not maintained well, making a road bike ride slightly unpleasant. However, as soon as you come outside the city, there are many excellent and beautiful routes for a bike ride. Even inside the city you can find decent roads to ride, especially around the river, however you might need to get up early to avoid traffic.

Places for Swimming

For a city that hot, Guangzhou has a decent amount of swimming pools. Not as many public pools as you might expect, but many Gyms and Hotels in Guangzhou come with swimming pools. While some of the public pools are worth visiting, especially outside the peak times (after work) There are also lakes and other places you can swim or just play in the water.

Other Sport & Workout Places

Football in Guangzhou or Climbing in Guangzhou. Such a big city offers venues for pretty much all kinds of sports. Tennis, Basketball, Badminton and everything you can think of. 

Even though Guangzhou has a warm climate most time of the year, lots of us still love to workout or do a bit of sports. In fact the cities government emphasizes sport heavily and provides outdoor workout spaces and running routes throughout the city. There even is the Guangzhou Greenway, a initiative of smaller and longer greenways that go through the city and are suitable for walking, running and riding your bike.

Apart from that, a major city like Guangzhou offers sport venues for every Sport you can think of. There even is a indoor Ski place.

Running, Hiking, Biking and other Sport Places

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