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Guangzhou is called the flower city for a good reason. Warm climate makes it possible for vegetation to grow throughout the year. This means that you can walk through colourful parks and climb lush green mountains year around.

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In addition to greenery growing all year around, Guangzhou is a city with many parks, greenspaces and mountains throughout the city. No matter which neighbourhood you stroll through your Guangzhou travel, you will very likely walk below palm trees and hundred year old trees. Perfect for any nature lover.

Chinese parks are often filled with old-people dancing and playing cards which ads to the laid-back feeling you can get in Guangzhou. And if you join a hiking group for a trail just one hour away from the city center, you will surely be surprised how green this metropolis is.


The north of Guangzhou is surrounded by many smaller mountains. Some mountains come with paved roads and cable car, some are still very rough nature. From walk with the family to Trail-Run. Everything can be done in Guangzhou.


The park management and landscaping of Guangzhou is top-level. Hundreds of small and large parks can be found throughout Guangzhou. Filled with tropical plants, dancing grannies and coffees.

Guangzhou not only offers these vast amount of nature, it also forms an ideal breeding ground for hiking, running, biking and all other kind of groups meeting on the weekend. Foreign/Chinese mixed or just Chinese groups. Through Apps like Joyrun, Strava and simply WeChat. Write us if you have questions in regard of that.

Hiking sports and Parks in Guangzhou

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