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Huangpu District, Guangzhou China

Huangpu District in Guangzhou, China, is recognized for its historical significance and rapid economic growth. Despite not including Huangpu Island, it absorbed Luogang District in 2014 and was awarded the title of “Happiest District of China” in 2020.

As a key innovation hub, Huangpu hosts over 1,000 national institutions and numerous research centers, driving technological advancements and fostering innovation. Its 2021 GDP reached RMB 415.837 billion (US$61.3 billion), with significant foreign investment inflows totaling US$5.625 billion.

The district’s industry clusters, including the China-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City and Guangzhou International Biotech Island, benefit from national support, fueling growth in sectors like automobiles, electronics, and biomedicine.

Culturally, Huangpu preserves its heritage while embracing modernity, with events like the Boluodan Temple Fair celebrating its rich traditions dating back to the Song Dynasty.

Apart from that, Huadu district is home to many hiking spots and famous amongst trail runners and bike riders for its stunning routes.

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Map of Huangpu District

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