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Tianhe District, Guangzhou China

Tianhe District, one of Guangzhou’s eleven urban districts, is a dynamic hub of culture, commerce, and development in Guangdong province, China. Its name, meaning “a river in the sky/heavens,” reflects its vibrant atmosphere and cosmopolitan character. Once a suburban area, Tianhe has evolved into one of Guangzhou’s most sought-after locations, boasting iconic landmarks like Citic Plaza, Guangzhou International Finance Center, and Guangzhou Opera House.

The district has a rich history dating back to ancient times, with archaeological discoveries revealing prehistoric settlements and Eastern Han tombs. Over the years, Tianhe has undergone significant urbanization, with the construction of residential complexes, office buildings, and transportation infrastructure like the Tianhe Sports Center and Guangzhou East Railway Station. Today, Tianhe is home to prestigious educational institutions, bustling commercial districts, and thriving residential communities, making it a vibrant and dynamic district at the heart of Guangzhou’s growth and development.

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Map of Tianhe District

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