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The capital of Guangdong province, a large if not the largest trading city in the World, visited frequently by businessman and travelers. Would be a surprise if you can not find anything you want in such a city. Below you find lists with interesting shopping streets in Guangzhou, old businesses and shopping malls.

Go out Shopping in Guangzhou China!

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Local Businesses

Small or large local businesses that sell unique cantonese craft, unique design items or the best fresh vegetables. We list small stores that repair your bike in seconds or offer bio food in Guangzhou.


Fancy new clothes or a new phone? Shopping malls in Guangzhou offer not only most brands but also floors with tasty restaurants and much more.

haizhu square

Highsun Binbin Plaza

Highsun Bin Bin Plaza is and was one of the major fashion shopping malls in Guangzhou. From wholesale to direct sales and food stalls.

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Shopping in Guangzhou China sounds like strolling through modern malls at first but has more to offer than just brand stores. Even if these modern shopping malls might surprise you with their stunning architecture and experience, Guangzhou as an old trading city comes with many local businesses that survived decades with their craftmanship or innovation.

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