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Guangzhou would not be a global metropolis if you could not find spicy Hunan food, Mexican, Italian, Arabic and even African food. Even Michelin star restaurants offering the best Western, Chinese and Fusion Kitchen can be found.

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Cantonese Cuisine

Cantonese Food is famous all over the globe and Guangzhou is the heart of it. Cantonese food often comes with a lighter taste, which makes it perfect for anyone to try.

"Always Good" Options

In this category we try to list restaurants or restaurant chains in Guangzhou that are a safe bet. We know that sometimes, when you travel or reside for a certain amount somewhere, you do not need fancy or street food everyday. Sometimes just something “normal” is needed.

Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants

As a vegetarian living in Guangzhou for many years, I have been to many vegetarian restaurants in Guangzhou and in China. There are surprisingly many good options available.

International Cuisine

Even though Chinese and Cantonese Cuisine has much to offer, sometimes we crave food from home or maybe a good Pizza in Guangzhou. Not forget a good Thai Curry or Indian and Turkish Dish. There is even Tuareg Restaurant in Guangzhou.

western restaurant guangzhou

Juice Robot

Juice Robot offers craft beer and authentic yet unique western food in zhujiang new town. Open at day and night, always offering tasty food.

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Restaurants for Dating

Once in a while you need a restaurant for dating in Guangzhou. Maybe you met someone new or maybe you just want to take out your loved one again.

Bakeries & Sweets

Baked goods, egg tart, cakes and ginger milk. Sweet treats in Guangzhou can be literally found on every street, we listed a few of the best we could find so far.

cafe guangzhou

Tiff Cafe

Tiff Cafe call itself a vintage space in Guangzhou and their interior speaks for itself. Their cakes are unique, tasty and worth trying.

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No one wants to finish his visit to Guangzhou China without having some local Cantonese specialties like dim sum and other Chinese food. However if you are on a certain diet, Halal, Vegetarian or Vegan, your Guangzhou trip might be more difficult without help. In this Blog we gather Restaurants and street food suitable for many kinds of diets.

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