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District map of Guangzhou, China.

Haizhu District

Haizhu district is a large central district located on the Haizhu Island, a large Island on the Pearl River in central Guangzhou. Haizhu district is home to many major attractions in Guangzhou, including the famous Canton Tower, the canton fair and Sun-Yat-Sen University.

Yuexiu District

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Yuexiu district is the cultural center of Guangzhou and includes the old-town of Guangzhou with its many archeological sights like the Nayue Kingdom Palace around the Beijing Road Cultural Zone. As Yuexiu has been the city center for decades, it offers rich history.

Tianhe District

Tianhe district is one of the most populated districts in Guangzhou and includes the famous Pearl River New Town. However, Tianhe district expands far to the north and east, including many urban areas and green spaces.

Baiyun District

Baiyun District is one of the largest urban districts of Guangzhou and is named after the Baiyun mountain located in its area. Baiyun district includes many residential areas, offices and the southern end of the Baiyun mountain range. Guangzhou Airport is located in Baiyun.

Liwan District

Liwan District lays west of Yuexiu district and Haizhu district. It covers an area just next to the historic center of Guangzhou as well as the Haizhu Island, and includes many historical sights. Including famous Shamian Island.

Panyu District

Guangzhou Panyu district is located South of Haizhu district and includes a large residential area and many smaller factories. Apart from that Panyu is home to the Chimelong Park, a large water park.

Huadu District

Huadu district is a outskirt district of Guangzhou, north of Baiyun district. It includes residential areas that have been villages and many factories.

Nansha District

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Nansha Bay (南沙湾)

Nansha Bay is an historical site in Guangzhou that dates back from the Opium Wars. Today it is one of the most prestigious marinas in the area

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Nansha District is the most southern district and home to a new developed technology zone with many high-tech companies in its borders. Guangzhou Port is located in Nansha district as well.

Huangpu District

Huangpu district is one of the outskirt districts of Guangzhou, including residential areas and many mountains and green spaces. Ideal for hiking yet also with factories located in parts of the district.

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