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Panyu District, Guangzhou China

Panyu, now a district of Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, was once a significant city in its own right before its integration into modern Guangzhou in 2000. Spanning approximately 530 square kilometers, Panyu lies within the Pearl River Delta, with its borders stretching from the Lion Sea to the estuary of the Pearl River. Its history traces back to 214 BC, established as the capital of the Nanyue kingdom by Zhao Tuo. Over time, it has evolved into a bustling commercial center, evidenced by its diverse archaeological findings.

With 305 administration villages and a thriving economy, Panyu boasts a rich cultural heritage and significant economic activity. It’s also home to Chimelong, a prominent amusement park operator, and serves as the location for Guangzhou South Station, a major high-speed railway hub.

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Map of Panyu District

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