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Baiyun District, Guangzhou China

Baiyun District, in Guangzhou’s northern suburbs, derives its name from the majestic Baiyun Mountain (“White Cloud Mountain”) that graces its landscape. With 18 subdistricts and 4 towns, Baiyun has seen recent development with the establishment of four new subdistricts in 2013. Originally part of Panyu and Nanhai Counties, Baiyun emerged as a suburban area of Guangzhou in 1924, formalizing as a district in June 1954.

Formerly hosting Guangzhou’s primary airport, the (Former) Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, Baiyun District underwent a significant change in 2004 when the airport relocated northwards to Huadu District. Despite the airport’s move, Baiyun remains a hub for aviation in Guangzhou.

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Map of Baiyun District

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