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Haizhu District, Guangzhou China

Haizhu District, in the southern part of Guangzhou, is a vibrant urban area full of history and modernity. Bordered by Liwan, Yuexiu, Tianhe, Huangpu, and Panyu districts, Haizhu boasts a strategic location along the Pearl River. Its main islands, including Haizhu Island and Henan Island, have been inhabited for thousands of years, bearing witness to the city’s rich heritage. Once a hub for foreign traders during the Canton System, Haizhu now features some of Guangzhou’s most prestigious real estate developments and corporate headquarters. Home to renowned educational institutions like Sun Yat-Sen University and the Guangzhou Fine Arts Academy, as well as major transportation hubs such as Metro Lines 3 and 8, Haizhu District continues to evolve as a dynamic center of commerce, culture, and innovation in Guangzhou.

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Map of Haizhu District

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