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While you are on your trip to Guangzhou China, you surely have a few of the following on your list. Historical sites in Guangzhou explaining the rich history of old Canton. Streetfood, Dim Sum and tasty and exotic treats for your stomach. Beautiful holiday pictures in exotic places. No worries, there are many areas in Guangzhou that tick these boxes. Have a look at the areas below for your Guangzhou holiday.

Want to spend one day exploring? Try these Areas!

Below we listed all articles with places in Guangzhou according to the area they are located.
So go out and explore your neighbourhood!

Creative Zones

Creative zones are special areas in Guangzhou, that often are built in old factories. They are home to many start-ups, galleries, fusion food, cafes and young people.

Old Town & Villages

Ancient Villages outside of Guangzhou, historical alleys of old Canton Town and architecture highlights from thousands of years of Guangzhou history.

Streetfood, Coffee & Bar Areas

Streets, neighbourhoods and buildings that are full of places to go-out. BBQ places, restaurants and sweet drinks. At night turning into Bar areas with lots of young and old having fun in Guangzhou.

nansha shek o

Nansha Bay (南沙湾)

Nansha Bay is an historical site in Guangzhou that dates back from the Opium Wars. Today it is one of the most prestigious marinas in the area

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Top Areas

Areas that include many stores, streets, restaurants, historical sites and nature in one. Places in Guangzhou you could spent your whole trip in and still would have seen more than you could have imagine.

Guangzhou Metro Map

guangzhou metro map

Neighbourhoods worth Walking through

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