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Canton or better said Guangzhou is not only one of the larges cities in China but also one of the largest in the world. Naturally this means, that Guangzhou has a lot of different neighbourhoods and walking streets, which each come with different perks. Old-Town areas like Beijing Road Cultural Zone offer small alleys, areas like Jiangnanxi come with great cafe and food options and Pearl River New Town, the fancy area of Guangzhou has a lot to offer as well.

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Below we listed all articles with places in Guangzhou according to the area they are located.
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Jiangnanxi (江南西)

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Whoopee! Coffee

Whoopee! Coffee is a small hidden cafe located in haizhu district guangzhou. Very calm area with places to sit outside and inside.

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Beijing Road Cultural Zone (北京路步行街)

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Sports West Road (体育西路)

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Dongshankou (东山口)

All places in Dongshankou below

cafe guangzhou

Tiff Cafe

Tiff Cafe call itself a vintage space in Guangzhou and their interior speaks for itself. Their cakes are unique, tasty and worth trying.

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Liwan Yongqing Fang (广州永庆坊)

All places in Liwan below

Baiyun Mountain Range (白云山风景名胜区)

All places in the Baiyun Mountain Range below

liu pian shan

Six-Sided Mountain (六片山)

Liu Pian Shan in Guangzhou, the Six-Sided Mountain (六片山) is a small mountain in the same range as Baiyun mountain. It holds a beautiful small lake, suitable for swimming.

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Pearlriver Side (珠江边)

All places on the Pearlriver Side below

Pazhou Island & Canton Fair (琶洲岛)

All places near the Canton Fair below

Guangzhou Metro Map

guangzhou metro map

Neighbourhoods worth Walking through

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